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High Performance Facials

  • Essential Facial
  • $ 80 45 Mins
  • Relax and unwind while either Payot or Thalgo products are selected for your skin type.
  • Belle Affair Classic Facial
  • $ 100 60 Mins
  • Pampers whilst replenishing the skin with Payot or Thalgo products chosen to suit your
    individual needs.
  • Aromatic Facial
  • $ 120 70 Mins
  • Relax with an aromatic back massage, a warm infusion of botanicals and a luxurious warm two phase mask. Choose between lavender or raspberry.
  • Pure Essential Facial
  • $ 125 60 Mins
  • A purifying balancing treatment for combination oily skin. Includes heating exfoliation and detoxing peel off mask.
  • Pure Radiance Facial
  • $ 110 60 Mins
  • A unique treatment to detoxify and clear for an even complexion of perfect radiance. Using a electromagnetic micro-stimulation resulting in detoxified skin and renewal of the complexion.
  • Hydration Glow Facial
  • $ 135 60 Mins
  • Immediate hydration, soothing and a plumping facial for dehydrated skins. Includes collagen mask. Choose between Skin Ceuticals or Payot.
  • Anti-Ageing Facial
  • $ 150 70 mins
  • An anti-ageing treatment that acts simultaneously on wrinkles, slackened skin, dull complexions and dark spots. After one treatment you will look younger. Choose Payot or Thalgo.

A peel is simply another method of exfoliating, but instead of using a ‘mechanical’ exfoliant such as a scrub, it uses ‘chemical’ exfoliants in the form of acids or enzymes. These dissolve the ‘glue’ that adheres dead cells to the skin’s surface. A peel treatment allows your skin care products to penetrate deeply into the skin.

  • Radiance Facial
  • $ 130 60 Mins
  • Most popular facial for ageing, sun damaged, acne scarred and pigmented skin. Skin Ceuticals includes a light peel, vitamin C firming masque. The peel intensively exfoliates and stimulates collagen synthesis to improve elastin fibres in the dermis. Payot includes super fruits to deliver powerful vitamins and antioxidants with a peel off mask.  Plus relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Have once a month to visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture.
  • Peels
  • $ 110 45 mins
  • We offer peels that can be customised to suit your skin’s condition and needs. Our peel treatments are tailored and effective solutions to combat skin conditions, sun damage, sun induced pigmentation, hormonal pigmentation, ageing, acne, unbalanced and dehydration (package courses available)
  • Post-Peel Crystal Fiber Mask / Anti Stress Mask
  • $ 20 Add-On
  • We highly recommend the Post-Peel Crystal Fibre Mask as an add-on to calm and restore your skin’s hydration levels.

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