High Performance Facials



Pre-purchase 6 Facial/Peel/Microdermabrasion Treatments
for the price of 5 and receive the sixth one FREE

Student Facial (30 Mins) – $57.95
Pinpoints immediate skin issues and treats all skin types.

Classic Essential Facial (45 Mins) – $79.95
For the time poor, this facial is perfect pampering and suits all skin types.

Classic Replenishing Facial (60 Mins) – $99.95
Pampers whilst replenishing the skin with quality products chosen to suit your
individual needs.

Aromatic Lavender Facial (70 Mins) – $119.95
Relax with an aromatic back massage, a warm infusion of Mediterranean botanicals and a luxurious, creamy, two phase mask. Your skin is left glowing, refreshed and nourished. Available for all skin types.

Rebalancing Facial (60mins) $109.95
Uses the rich, rebalancing properties of Micronised Marine Algae, applied in
a warm mask. Eliminates impurities and gradually regulates sebum
production. Perfect for congested skin.
Add a Gel Peel for only $20


High Performance Facials

Skin Ceutical’s Hydration Facial (50 Mins) $99.95

Your skin will be refreshed, repaired and completely hydrated.

Thalgo Advanced Treatment Facials (60 Mins) $128.95
Guarantee results for any skin concerns from acne to ageing. We will diagnose your skin and tailor your treatment using an innovative and advanced treatment mask.

Wrinkle Eraser – Hyaluronic Filler Facial  (70 mins for 35+) $151.95 with Microdermabrasion $177.95

This unique facial features Hyaluronic Acid that every wrinkle will drink. The double Hyaluronic mask plumps the entire face and fills even deep wrinkles. After just one treatment you’ll look younger, your complexion will glow and your wrinkles will be less noticeable.

Age Suspender – Silicium Super Lift Facial (80 mins for 40+)  $165.95 with Microdermabrasion $190.95
This brilliant anti-ager uses both Hyaluronic acid and Silicium for optimal results. A Hyaluronic and Cryo-Sculpting Mask fills deeper wrinkles and reshapes your face. After just one treatment you’ll look years younger, with wrinkles diminished and face firmer. Correct all the signs of ageing as they appear.

Eye Reviver Like No Other (30 Mins) $57 or as an add on to a facial $47
Enjoy a unique, specialised eye massage, eye patches using high tech active ingredients and our Electronic Thermal Mask, with heating, cooling and massage to suit your individual needs. This is an innovative way to reduce puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of firmness and sagging.


High Performance Peels

A peel is simply another method of exfoliating, but instead of using a ‘mechanical’ exfoliant such as a scrub, it uses ‘chemical’ exfoliants in the form of acids or enzymes. These dissolve the ‘glue’ that adheres dead cells to the skin’s surface. A peel treatment allows your skin care products to penetrate deeply into the skin.

New York Facial (60 Mins) – $129.95 with Microdermabrasion $163.95

Skin Ceuticals’ most popular facial for ageing, sun damaged, acne scarred and pigmented skin. A light chemical peel intensively exfoliates and stimulates collagen synthesis to improve elastin fibres in the dermis. Includes a Vitamin C firming mask and relaxing neck and shoulder massage. Have once a month to visibly soften fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. For brilliant results, add on Microdermabrasion.

Gel Peel Regenerator (30mins) $79.95
Removes dehydrated cells from the skin’s surface, stimulating new, healthy, plump cells, increasing collagen production, colour and clarity of your skin.

White Peel – New from Medik8 (30mins) $87.95
The most effective way to achieve a brighter, even skin tone, free of dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Eliminate skin cells rich in melanin and prevent the darkening of new skin cells.

We highly recommend the Post-Peel Crystal Fiber Mask or Anti Stress Mask as an add-on to calm and restore your skin’s hydration levels. $20