Spa Body Therapy


Apart from the beautiful feeling of complete relaxation you experience from a body treatment, the health and wellbeing benefits of a professional Spa Body Treatment must not be underestimated. For countless centuries, mankind has used natural treatments for their revitalising, enriching therapeutic effects. Ancient hot springs, natural oils, seaweed, medicinal mud, mineral salts and timeless massage techniques all offer unique properties for detoxifying the body, revitalising the skin and soothing the soul.



Rejuvenating Body Polish (40 mins) $74.95
Invigorating granular beads with sensory aromas will remove dead skin cells, stimulate the lymphatic system and leave the skin silky-smooth.

Marine Clay Wrap (60 mins) $145.95
Begin with an intensive lavender exfoliation. Be cocooned with a formulation of Citrus and Jojaba Essential Oil and Marine extracts. This wrap eliminates dead skin cells, refines the skin’s texture and invigorates the entire body by activating micro-circulations and eliminating impurities. Complete the experience with a beautiful Vichy Shower.

Combine a Vichy Rain Shower with any body treatment
for the perfect spa experience. $ 49 (15 mins)